What is ToutPourSaGloire.com (TPSG)?

Tout Pour Sa Gloire (All For His Glory) is an online ministry founded in 2012 by two then Bible-school students, Matthieu GIRALT and Stéphane KAPITANIUK.

What began as two friends sharing their favourite resources has grown into one of the largest Christian websites in the French-speaking world, helping hundreds of thousands of people each year to live for the glory of God.

The mission of TPSG is to help French-speaking Christians develop a strong Christian worldview in order to glorify God in every area of life. In short, we want to help them see the world as God sees it so that they may live as God wills.

Here’s a short presentation from our director, Matt Giralt:

The principal means to complete this mission are:

  • Articles (400+ in 2020)
  • Webinars (12 in 2020)
  • Podcasts (75+ episodes in 2020)
  • Online courses (hermeneutics and homiletics)
  • Online conferences (2 in 2020, on the Providence of God and on penal substitution)

By the grace of God, since 2012, the small blog has grown into what may be the largest conservative evangelical website in the French-speaking world. For instance, in 2020 we had 800K+ unique visitors for 5.5M+ page views.  

Why support TPSG?

TPSG is growing and it’s growing fast! God is giving us new opportunities to serve the church in the French-speaking world. But with that growth come new projects and new needs.

We want to serve every Christian, but we know that many of them, in certain parts of the world, would not be able to give even a small amount. That’s why we’ve always given away all our resources free of charge. Everything we do is free for to the user, but it is not free to producer. That’s why we need you. 

Our annual budget looks like this:

Employees (Assistant Director, Webmaster, Technical director, Editorial Manager, Social Manager…)$42,600
Ponctual Freelancers (Design)$2,400
Events and meetings$1,200

Would you consider helping us reach more people and serve them better with new resources? May God use your gift and our work for his glory!

If you are considering supporting TPSG, you can click here to make your tax-deductible donation: https://impactfrance.org/tpsg/.

— Matthieu GIRALT, Pastor of a church in France and Director of ToutPourSaGloire.com (a non salaried position)