What is ToutPourSaGloire.com (TPSG)?

In 2022, we celebrated TPSG’s 10th anniversary. What began as two Christian friends sharing their favorite resources has grown into one of the largest Christian websites in the French-speaking world, equipping hundreds of thousands of people each year to live for the glory of God.

But maybe you are not yet familiar with TPSG. With this presentation, we would like to introduce you to TPSG in order to (1) encourage you through the work that God is accomplishing in the French-speaking world and (2) share with you our material and spiritual needs.

Today, we are asking you to consider partnering with us in great work that God has entrusted to us: proclaiming the truth of the Gospel for the building up of his people and the glory of his name.

What is TPSG?

ToutPourSaGloire.com (All For His Glory) is a ministry founded in 2012 by two then Bible-school students, Matthieu Giralt and Stéphane Kapitaniuk.

The mission of TPSG is simple: help Christians develop a strong Christian worldview in order to glorify God in every area of life. In short, we want to help them see the world as God sees it so that they may live as God will it.

We are convinced that when Christians fulfill their callings – in their families, in the church and in society, they then glorify God and shine as beacons in the world (Ph 2.15).

The need for theologically sound biblical ressources is huge in the French-speaking world. 10 countries of Africa have French as their national language. Worldwide, an estimated 320 million people speak French as their first or second language.

Here’s a short presentation from our director, Matt Giralt:


TPSG is first and foremost a website. In 2022, we welcomed more than 580K visitors and they read nearly 3 million pages of our website.

Here is what you can find on the site:

2000+ articles

At TPSG, our bloggers write mainly for believers. You can find articles on systematic or biblical theology, but our primary focus is on applied theology: How theology shapes our Christian life.

In addition to our bloggers (presented below), we publish translations of selected articles in English (from TGC, Desiring God, Crossway…), which we want to make accessible to French-speaking readers.

Our bloggers come from different backgrounds but are driven by the same passion for the Gospel and for the Church.

Dominique Angers


Dominique is a professor of New Testament at the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique Acadia in Montreal (Canada), of which he is the dean. At TPSG, he writes about biblical theology and hosts the podcast Parle-Moi Maintenant. He has published a Bible commentary on the book of Ephesians, co-edited by TPSG and prefaced by Don Carson.

Aurélie Bricaud


Aurélie and her husband manage the Teen Ranch vacation center in Le Chambon sur Lignon (France). At TPSG, she writes about applied theology and co-hosts the podcast Chrétienne with Angie Velasquez Thornton. Aurelie is a graduate of the Institute Biblique de Genève (IBG) and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree with the Fondation de Counseling Biblique. Aurélie is also the treasurer of our association.

Raphaël Charrier


Raphaël is a pastor in Grenoble (France). At TPSG, he writes about the Christian life and discipleship in particular. He co-hosts the Memento Mori podcast with Matthieu Giralt. He is the author of the booklet « 7 signes » and the book « Vivre pour Jésus, les fondements de la vie chrétienne », co-published by TPSG. After graduating from the Institut Biblique de Genève (IBG) and obtaining a Master’s degree in Missiology & Church Planting (FLTE), he is now pursuing a Master’s degree at the FLTE (Paris). Raphaël is also the vice-president of our association.

Benjamin Eggen


Benjamin is a pastor in Brussels (Belgium). At TPSG, he writes about the Church and the Christian life. He is the author of « Soif de plus » (« Thirsty for More »), an introduction to systematic theology for young adults, and co-author of the book « Pourquoi devrais-je faire partie d’une Église locale » (Why I Should Be Part of a Local Church) (9Marks) with Mark Dever. He is a graduate of the Institut Biblique Belge (IBB). For several years Benjamin was in charge of the Rebellution, the teens/young adults branch of Evangile21 (TGC).

Matthieu Giralt (MTh, FJC)


Matthieu is a pastor in Étupes (France). He is the co-founder and current director of TPSG, and president of our association. On the site, he writes about Christian culture and worldview and co-hosts the Memento Mori podcast with Raphaël Charrier, and hosts the « Une heure pour comprendre la Bible » series of webinars. He holds a master’s degree from the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux and a master’s degree in theology from the Faculté Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence. He’s a member of Majestart, a collective of young visual artists, where he’s helping to develop a biblical view of culture and arts. He teaches theology of communication at the Institut Biblique de Genève (IBG).

Stéphane Kapitaniuk


Stéphane is director of the evangelical publishing house BLF. He is the co-founder of TPSG with Matthieu Giralt. At TPSG, Stéphane writes about literature, Christian life and productivity. He is a graduate of the Institut Biblique de Genève (IBG).

Samuel Laurent


Samuel is a psychologist and pastor in a church plant in Héricourt (France). At TPSG, he writes in particular about biblical counseling. He is pursuing a Master’s degree at the FJC and the Fondation du Counseling Biblique (Canada).

Jonathan Meyer


Jonathan is a pastor in Geneva, Switzerland. At TPSG, Jonathan writes about the church, the Bible, and the Christian life in general. He is a graduate of the Institut Biblique de Genève (IBG) and is pursuing a Master’s degree at FTE.

Florent Varak (MDiv)


Florent has been a pastor for 25 years in the Lyon area (France). Currently, he is the International Director of Church Development at Encompass Mission. At TPSG, he hosts the podcast Un pasteur vous répond. Florent wrote several books including Le manuel du prédicateur (The Preacher’s Handbook). He teaches homiletics in the Institut Biblique de Genève (IBG).

Angie Velasquez Thornton (MDiv, Moody)


Angie served the Lord with her husband and two daughters in Senegal for 10 years in theological education. They followed the Lord’s call to invest in leadership training in Montreal, where she is currently the Director of Women’s Ministry for SOLA (TGC Quebec). At TPSG, she writes about biblical theology, homiletics, and women in the church and co-hosts the Chrétienne podcast with Aurélie Bricaud. Angie also writes in english.

600+ podcast episodes.

Un pasteur vous répond (“Answers from a pastor”).

Each week, Florent Varak answers questions from TPSG readers. The format is similar to the Desiring God « Ask Pastor John » podcast with John Piper, but with a native French speaker, experienced with ministry in Europe and Africa.

Memento Mori

Hosted by Raphaël Charrier and Matthieu Giralt, MM is a podcast that considers the present while taking our End as its departure point. Raph and Matt discuss cultural apologetics and Christian worldviews.


Aurélie Bricaud and Angie Velasquez Thornton’s podcast digs into the Bible to serve Christ. Each week, they tackle different biblical topics with the goal of applying them to the Christian life.

Parle-Moi Maintenant (« Talk to Me Now »).

In PMM, Dominique Angers teaches through a book of the New Testament, one section at a time, drawing out its central message and applications.

50+ webinar episodes.

Une soirée pour le glorifier (« An evening to glorify him »).

During these webinars, we study a theme of the Christian life (God’s will, Christian freedom, personal piety, anxiety, etc.).

Une heure pour comprendre un livre de la Bible (« An hour to understand one book of the Bible »).

Matt invites a teacher to do an overview of a book of the Bible. The goal is to understand the entirety of the book to better grasp its essential teachings.

Une heure pour décrypter (« 1 hour to decode »).

These webinars, organized in collaboration with the ImagoDei website, are designed to analyze the major currents that mark our society – these troubling -isms that make us question the past, the present and the future (feminism, ecology, transgenderism, etc).

Trainings for Use in the Church

Our trainings are offered as a package to churches with a proposed layout, guides for trainers and an intuitive platform. The format is as follows: the students watch the videos and complete the exercises, then meet in a group with the trainer to debrief.

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation.

This is the first course we filmed, in which Florent Varak lays the foundation for the believer to better understand and apply the Word of God.

Introduction to Preaching.

Following the Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Dominique Angers teaches the basics of homiletics. He lays the foundations of a theology of preaching and offers a method for the preparation of a sermon.

Discipleship course.

The latest course, Suivre Jésus (« Following Jesus ») is an adaptation of the book « Living for Jesus », led by Raphaël Charrier. It is a complete discipleship course for use in the Church.


Bible Reading Plan.

Jonathan Meyer, one of our bloggers at TPSG, has completed a 3-year Bible reading plan for use in church. The proposed pace is to read 2 chapters a day, 25 days a month to successfully read the New Testament each year, and the entire Bible in 3 years. 10% of all sales of this Bible reading plan are donated to ToutPourSaGloire.

Evangelistic Resources.

Two TPSG bloggers have created tools to help Christians share their faith.

Les 7 signes (« The 7 signs »): Written by TPSG blogger Raphaël Charrier, this tool helps people discover what faith in Jesus is all about, based on the Gospel of John.

La grande histoire (« The great story »): Written by Florent Varak, a blogger at TPSG, this tool allows students to discover the major periods of redemptive history in an inductive way.

Bible Commentaries.

Dominique Angers is the author of the Parle-Moi Maintenant (« Speak to Me Now ») Bible commentary series (which bears the same name as the podcast he hosts). The first is on the epistle to the Ephesians; he wrote it as a tool to explain the meaning of the text in an accessible way without using technical jargon and with a multitude of applications for everyday life. His next commentary in the series will be on the Gospel according to Mark.

This is what Don Carson says in his preface:

Dominique Angers has the gift of faithfully (and concisely!) teaching the Word, keeping to the text, so that we may be nourished by it. But that’s not all, because he also shows us how to read the Bible for ourselves. He now makes all these resources (and more!) available to us in this collection of practical commentaries. To our great benefit.

Christian life books.

With Vivre pour Jésus (« Living for Jesus »), Raphaël Charrier offers us a powerful tool: a simple, profound, and practical manual on the foundations of the Christian life. It is the ideal book for every disciple of Jesus.

Online Conferences.

  • In 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, TPSG co-hosted the online conference “Un Dieu bon dans un monde en crise” (« A Good God in a World in Crisis ») on the providence of God.
  • In 2021, we organized a second conference entitled Christ mort pour nous (« Christ Died for Us ») on the doctrine of penal substitution.

TPSG Camp.

We organized our first camp in April 2022 at Teen Ranch with more than 30 adult participants and about 20 children. Our goal remains to equip campers to help them live a consistent Christian life. Three of our bloggers, Raphaël Charrier, Matthieu Giralt and Samuel Laurent, offered a week of instruction (23 hours), sharing and fellowship. What a joy to spend a week together! We plan to hold this camp every year from now on.

Our audience is world-wide

Our audience encompasses the entire French-speaking world. In a Europe that is becoming increasingly secularized, and in Africa where the prosperity gospel is rapidly gaining ground, the ministry of TPSG seeks to be a light in the midst of darkness.

44% of our readers come from France.

Not surprisingly, the majority of our readers are in France. Although you may find a Catholic church in every village, atheism and secularism are on the rise.

Thus, according to a recent survey (Oct. 2022):

  • more than 4 out of 10 French people claim to have « no religion ».
  • 50% of French people say they are Christians (71% in 1981), but only
  • 27% of French people say they are believers. Among those who identify as Christians (50%), 75% of them never go to church. The survey explains: « For many people, being a Christian is more akin to a culture or a tradition than to a deeply rooted belief. In essence, this explains why nearly half of French people feel Christian, but only a minority attend church regularly. »
  • 51% of French people have no hope in their future, and they define happiness as « knowing how to enjoy life as it comes. »

30% of TPSG readers are in Africa.

The African audience is the second largest audience of the site, representing one third of TPSG readers.

In 2015, Conrad Mbewe wrote on the The Gospel Coalition website about prosperity teaching in Africa:

This erroneous teaching is filling churches across the continent with people who have no desire for true biblical salvation or godliness. Sadly, it’s spreading like an uncontrollable bushfire. (…) This teaching is wreaking havoc in the lives of many Christians. (…) In order to address this scam, we must begin with teaching the biblical gospel.

What percentage are in Quebec? It might be worth mentioning, due to its geographic proximity.

Our team in 2022

Matthieu Giralt. Matt is the director of TPSG.

Séphora Adéquin. Sephora is the head of our webinars. She is the latest addition to the TPSG team.

Emeline Andriamanoharisoa. Emeline provides administrative support and responds to the many emails we receive at contact@toutpoursagloire.com.

Jean-Daniel Bonnetot. Jean-Daniel (or JD), our IT manager, is in charge of the development and maintenance of the site.

David Brazda. David is the content editor of the site.

Pauline Bombrault. Pauline is responsible for social media.

David Perrey. David is our developer. He is currently coding the new TPSG website.

TPSG also benefits from the investment of many volunteers. Our team of dedicated volunteers work on the translation and correction of articles, and the publication of podcasts.

2023 Projects

New website.

This is THE project of the year. We have been working tirelessly for several months to get the new site up and running. Our goal is to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, and to easily access what might interest them. Unlike previous redesigns, the site has been redesigned from the ground up and coded entirely by hand.

TPSG Camp 2023 April 16-22, 2023.

After the success of the first camp, we are doing it again. This year’s theme will be the Word of God, with Raphaël Charrier (The Doctrine of the Bible), Matthieu Giralt (The Storyline of the Bible) and Florent Varak (Principles of Biblical Interpretation). We want to experience this camp as a family, and we plan to offer teaching for children and teenagers.

New Webinar Series.

We love webinars: the short format forces us to get to the point, and the event allows us to keep the floor open to discussion. This year, we would like to launch a new series of webinars to help improve our understanding of the Bible.

2023 Budget

From the outset, we have been committed to offering everything we produce on the site free of charge. We want to make sure that everyone everywhere has access to quality resources to grow in their faith and glorify God in every areas of their lives.

The majority of our budget goes to the team members who work on the site: content editing, maintenance and technical development, social networking, webinars and administration. Then there is the running of the site: hardware, software, hosting and subscriptions. Further costs include travel and expenses related to the operation of the association.

After 10 years, we are convinced that this is only the beginning! This past decade has allowed us to build expertise, deepen our knowledge, network, watch God refine our characters and shape our ministries…

In short, we enter the year 2023 determined to continue to develop the ministry of TPSG, by God’s grace and for His glory. The year 2023 represents a big step of faith for us: We are increasing our budget by 17K€! This is largely due to (1) hiring a new team member (Hi Sephora!) and (2) increasing the hours of the existing team members, in connection with the year’s projects. We aim to reduce the total cost of running the site and to build up a training fund, which would allow us to run new courses more quickly in the future.

How can you help


What we need most of all is your prayers! Would you ask God to lead us in this challenging year ahead? May God give us his wisdom and continue to fill us with his zeal for the ministry he has entrusted to us.

We appreciate donations of all kinds, but we are especially asking the Lord to raise up donors willing to commit to supporting us on a regular basis. Recurring donors currently allow us to meet 15% of 2023’s annual budget. We would like to see this number increase. If 50 people pledge $100 in monthly support, this would cover most of our annual budget. Your gifts would enable us to continue to offer our online content and develop further projects to reach more people throughout the globe with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.

Impact France is a U.S. -based 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 20-3098434) and as such all contributions are tax deductible. While U.S. law requires Impact France to retain complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds, Impact France endeavors to use all donated funds for tax exempt purposes and in ways that honor the preferences of its sacrificial donors.